Building Board

Published on Sunday, 09 September 2012 18:59
Written by Lance McDonald
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So you think that having no garage, no decent work bench is stopping you for building model aircraft, think again.

Some time back when I was renting a house I built a building board. whilst only 4' x 2' its been invaluable. So off to your local building supply store, Mitre10 Mega, Bunnings, Placemakers etc. Purchase a sheet of 18mm MDF 1200x600, 5m of 1" x 2" 25mm x 50mm pine (dressed) and a pack of cork tiles, glue for the cork and some screws and your in business. 

First up cut and screw the 1"x2" around the edge of the MDF sheet, another piece down the centre. 

Second and Last, glue the cork tiles to the top of the MDF sheet. Once the glue is set you have the most valuable piece of equipment to any aeromodeller - a flat building board Wink

The reason for the piece of 1"x2" down the centre is for clamping it into a workmate. Use it anywhere, even when you do have a great garage, you know that your bench is going to be covered in a project from time to time and you need that little bit of extra space.