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Tomboy Build

There is a number of us building Tomboy's so thought I would share my build.

Only basic tools required for this model, flat building board, tracing paper, a couple of knives, plan, sanding sticks/paper, ruler, pen, razor saw and mitre box and cutting mat


I started with the fin, not much here once you have traced the fin from the plan cut the couple of pieces of 3/16" sheet, pin it down and cut your 3/16" square to suite.

Fin 1 Fin2

Fin3 Fin4

A bit of sanding and it will be ready for covering Smile


Next I built the tailplane, cutting ribs is probably my least enjoyable time, but has to be done

Tailplane1 taiplane 2

Probably less than an hour after cutting all the ribs, it was ready for sanding and covering. Out came the LiteSpanTailplane3

This is applied with balsalock, or in my case some watered down PVA, heat iron and hot air gun.

Only the elevators required to make now, a bit of 3/16" balsa, a plane, sanding and the covering.

Next I built the fuselage sides, not much of a challenge here, trace off the fuselage side, cut 3/16" square to suit and glue it up -


then the other side



Come back soon for more updates on the progress of this build